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Affordable inpatient & even cheaper with NHIF

Subscribe to us as your NHIF prefered hospital to access this advantage. Low cost, affordable services. Use our Facility number: 00021944



These are our featured services. We just don’t treat you, we also follow up on your well being until you receive full recovery.


We have a qualified doctor in all the time. You will be well taken care of.


Mount Olive Sinai is a 24 hour hospital with authentic care through out.


We perform all dental procedures. We are well equipped to handle any dental needs.


We at Mount Olive Sinai boast of a modern lab where any tests can be done.


Close to you when the day comes. Here to welcome your bundle of joy.


With qualified surgeons, a 24 hour theater is available for your surgical needs


Insurance companies

Apart from NHIF cover, we also work closely with insurance partners to ensure that nothing stops you from accessing heath care. Below are available insurance companies. View more…

first assurance

Strength in Numbers

If numbers are an indication of anything, for us they are evidence of our commitment to our 

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years of experience

We are a humble institution that many have come to trust through out their lives. 

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lives Touched

We have created lasting relationships with our clients. Our health care is surely sincere.

Bed Capacity

Clean, fresh and neat wards. Top notch catering, homely feel with no hospital smells. 

Why us?

Many hospitals boast of facilities, we have them too, but they cannot boast of authentic sincere care of their patients and the community around them. We regard health as wholesome, both outwardly and inwardly, and that is why you will find us different and genuine in  how we approach health care.

If there is something that we have learnt in our 20 years of existence, it is that nothing comes easy. Taking care of patients with an authentic concern is a hard thing to achieve. We have formed a long lasting family bond between the doctors and the other care givers within our facility so that we can express the same to you. 

experience sincere health care

We want to extended an invitation for you to come experience health care that is not only sincere but also a people who go beyond just treating you to actually following you up until you are back to your health self.

testimonies from real people

I have been to may hospitals, but this won the day for me. Firstly no wierd hospital smells. The meals were also superb, just like home.
Carol K
I got better really quickly, almost didn't want to leave but had to. I think it's because of the sincere care they provided. 100% thumbs up!
Mrs. Mugure
House wife
Most male wards feel cold, but when I got admitted, I didn't expect them to ensure that I got personalized care. They talk to you, it makes you feel less lonely.
Nathan Lemayian
IT consultant
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