We are working hard to always ensure that we provide a spectrum of health care services in the most flexible way. We are open 24 hours so that your emergencies are also our priority.


A doctor is always in, ready to see you. Our consultation fee is affordable.


With a 36 bed capacity and quality care, your recovery is well catered for.


Maternity services are available and so is prenatal and antenatal care.


Our well equipped laboratory is able to run all of medical tests.


Our dental clinic has state of the art equipment. Our dentists are well trained.


We have very capable physiotherapists working with years of experience.


Our surgeons don't second guess, they are experienced, careful and available.


Firstly the pharmacy is open 24 hours. Secondly, it is well stocked and affordable.


We have a pediatric wing which fully caters for all your child's health needs.


The X-ray services are carefully rendered to ensure that we miss nothing.

Ultra Sound

We have invested on a modern Ultra sound machine. It is accurate.

Maternal & Child welfare

Your child's development is in no jeopardy if you are with us, we genuinely care.


Does the Hospital allow NHIF Cover?

We are an NHIF certified hospital and the range of our cover is always expanding to encompass everything that NHIF can possibly cover.

Do you offer services on insurance cover?

We work with many insurance cover providers and we are working hard to add as many as we can. Click here to view the whole list of insurance companies we work with.

Can see a doctor without cash ?

Yes you can if you make Mount Olive Sinai Hospital your preferred hospital on your NHIF registration. You can also change your preferred Hospital to us. Pay us a visit.

What can I do when facing an emergency ?

In case of an emergency, avoid panic as much as you can, then immediately call us through our emergency numbers: 0701 908 595 or 0770 438 050

Who is the NHIF cover available for ?

Secondary School Students (Form 1-4) • General Public (Supacover) • Civil Servants • Disciplined Forces
NHIF Surgical package available

Is the Sinai Hospital part of you ?

Though we share a name, we are in NO way related to Sinai Hospital. We are the original Sinai and some call us the Old Sinai. We had to change our name to avoid confusion but our attitude and services are better for your sake and ours.

experience sincere health care

We want to extended an invitation for you to come experience health care that is not only sincere but also a people who go beyond just treating you to actually following you up until you are back to your health self.